memorial ceremony schedule

Syracuse: small, informal memorial ceremony Saturday, Nov 22 at 3pm – CONGREGATION NER TAMID, 5061 West Taft Road, North Syracuse, New York 13212. There will be a reception following the service at Laura An’s house, 6213 Diffin Road, Cicero, NY 13039.

Ithaca: Saturday, Dec 6, at 3-4pm – memorial ceremony at Cornell,
A.D. White House, 27 East Avenue Ithaca, NY 14853. A big Nepali food party at Sanna & Mike’s house will follow afterwards.

Instead of flowers please consider contributing to a charity. Sanna & Mike’s favorite charities are :

– the local food bank,

– the SPCA

Educate the Children fund, Ithaca/Kathmandu, who have put together a
donation page.

Mike wrote a lovely obituary for Sanna.

Ithaca Journal also has a Guest Book page for notes from friends.

And Mike’s online speaker-builder buddies have written several pages of touching condolences as well as donated a good sum of money to ETC.

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Sanna suddenly collapsed yesterday, Nov 13 Thursday, in the front lawn of her house, and died. She was with her younger daughter, Chenga. Her doctors believe that it was a heart attack. She did have known cardiac problems. The family is mourning. We will be posting dates for memorial services in both Ithaca and Syracuse here soon.

This was unexpected, since Sanna was slowly continuing to improve. She spent her last weekend at a Nepali festival in Ithaca, and she told me that it was a lot of fun. She also had a lovely visit on Monday with friends from childhood.

We all miss Sanna very much and I will share some old photos of her here soon.


Danny writes:

Thank you for all your sympathy and support.

Sanna was my big sister of whom I always looked up to as a role model and for guidance. I still cannot fully come to terms that Sanna has passed away. But, as truth has it, this time she will not be coming back. I wish I could at least share all my cherished memories of Sanna with you. However for now, I’ll limit myself to the night before she died. I was lucky enough to be with her that night. Looking back, I noticed that she was beginning to take initiatives, such as making decisions for herself or her doing things without instruction. Keep in mind that this specific behavior was a big step forward after recovering from this form of tumor and the traumatic brain surgery. Although she told me that she could not sleep well the night before, she seemed alert – more than me. We had a conversation about many things while she was doing housework. My last recollection that night was when I was about to go to sleep, I heard her talking on the phone with our mother.

Looking back that night and considering the progress she was making with regards to beating the meningioma, I had high hopes that I would see her in full or near full health soon. I keep telling myself she must be in a better place.

As Sanna’s baby brother, I am now left with her memories. She is still my role model, and I can still search my memories for guidance and support. When I think of her I think of determination, enduring, and courageous. I hope that you can see her in this way as well. Thank you again.

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Danny’s visit

Dan sent photos of his last visit! He brought his 2 year old daughter. I heard she was a handful at times.

They made a trip to the zoo. I see Sanna is now carrying her purse. I know she has her cell phone back in use now too.

And this is our Dad in front of Dan’s rental car.

Dan writes about this car:

Hi Dad,
The actor, Tom Cruise drove around in a Mustang somewhat like this one in the film, “War of the Worlds”. Also more recently, Will Smith, another actor, drove around in a similar Mustang throughout the deserted streets of NYC in the film, “I Am Legend”.

I recall Steve McQueen (another actor) drove around in another somewhat similar car in a cop film. Now you have joined the famous actors with this attached photo.

Fun stuff.
– Britta

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