1992, Simba the cat, a wonderful photo by Mike!

1992, Simba the cat, a wonderful photo by Mike!

Simba was a stray living behind a friend’s house, and Sanna asked me to catch him and get him a checkup and in condition for her, so she could adopt him. Simba was supposed to be a companion to Boo, the famous Rottweiler. Simba was a tough but sweet cat.

1988 Sanna & Boo

1988 Sanna & Boo

1989 (?) Sanna and Boo

1989 (?) Sanna and Boo

1990 or so - a winter walk with Boo

1990 or so - a winter walk with Boo

1994- 'loving couple' photo taken for the adoption agency


1995 in Nepal with Sushma & her child

1995 in Nepal with Sushma & her child

1995 new daughters announcement photo

1995 new daughters announcement photo

10 year anniversary photo!

10 year anniversary photo!

– Above photo: Dec 2005 in Atlanta

2004 – visit to cousin Juha and the family’s old house in middle Finland. Juha (2nd from left) writes: The house is called Kivikko, owned by the Stenmans. Could it not be more suitable, because Stenman translates as Stone Man and Kivikko refers to Stone House. It was built by our great grandfather David for a neighbour around 1890.

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  2. espero que o brasil compre esa novela porque eu gosto muito de novelas que tem a participa¸ão de mariana esposito.espero pela estreia ! muito suceso

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  4. Kasey – You are so thoughtful and kind. We have really loved all of the recipes in our pairings boxes! I had never had the Arkansas Black apples before, but I couldn’t resist their plum looks and deep color. Yes, let’s have a cake-date sometime soon 🙂

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  8. Yes, Boznyak is supposed to become the new mall when the #4 metro is extended that far, but chances are that FIDESZ will likey cancel the metro construction when they come to power, so it may be decades before that ever happens.

  9. I think it will be Sheamus vs Orton face vs face…after Del Rio faces him again at HIAC. Theyve been teasing Orton being next in line the last 2 nights. I like your idea better though. Would give Ziggler some good champion heel heat right off the bat. Its unique too. I dont like any male wrestlers in pink. Its just not my thing. At all.

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  12. Rezistam, rezistam, rezistam :)) Am aflat ca am o tona (nu glumesc) de citit pentru scoala. De ce nu ne-a spus de lista asta interminabila in vacanta? Acum era probabil citita. Oricum, nu ma vait ca trebuie sa citesc, dar nu mai am timp sa citesc ce vrea muschiu' meu :o3 Si asta este..deranjant :))

  13. = “Do yourself a favor when they tell you to do something do the exact opposite” Word. I am in total agreement. They are the baromiter of which opposite direction to go, eventually if we don’t have an alien intervention is to get off planet, while the etc-a-sketch is shaken upside down. Because the chalk board is being erased / cleaned for the summer…just like 3rd grade, some will go to 4th some will be held back, some you will never see again

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  15. This is a very “quiet” dress for you Kazz, but you have done an amazing job making such a beautiful dress out of a Sari.This looks fab on you! Love it!

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  21. You must have already seen the 60 Minutes feature I'm watching (here on the West Coast) right now.GE's new Mississippi plant: let's hear from the union shop steward now. The union shop steward? Hello, hello? {sound of crickets}

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  28. Oh what a divine post, lovely dress and oh how I have fallen in love with the Hermes. Everything look so beautiful and vintage ♥*following you flower*Eda ♥

  29. Very interesting info !Perfect just what I was looking for! “Love endures only when the lovers love many things together and not merely each other.” by Walter Lippmann.

  30. Muito boa matéria, é isso que a imprensa baiana tem que fazer a judar nossos clubes…porque parece que os dirigentes nao essa visao, ou olheiros para descobrir jogadores…boa IBAHIA

  31. peso della competizione? 😀 Ma quale peso? La mia è solo rabbia rivolta alla cecità di alcuni individui!E cmq…ma come cambiano se nessuno inizia a sottolinenarlo?Pensate forse che tutti quelli in sovrappeso abbiano anche la forza di reggere i pregiudizi e le cattiverie gratuite dei più?Scusami ma, per esperienze molto vicine a me, posso diriti che la mia rabbia è del tutto giustificata…

  32. Totally off topic but I’m watching Mecum auction now. They are doing bikes. It’s a pretty good gauge of the industry in terms of demand. (Shit is cheap.) Vale’s pit bike [scooter] sold to around 3 grand.

  33. I remembered terry kicking sancez of barcelona..i still remembered terry falling down last season against liverpool and arsenal but all this was ignored…mikel makes a mistake then england fans go crazy with racist…i wonder why is taking them time to win d worldcup if they so perfect.Reply

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  37. kristina beal – I knew Katie when we were both very little. Mum sent me the link to this- and I just wanted to say how very beautiful the photos are. It must have been a lovely event.Best,KristinaOctober 15, 2012 – 6:07 am

  38. Love is far from the perfect teammate. At UCLA he consistently complained about not getting enough touches; in Minnesota he gave up on the team at the end of last season. He’s far more selfish than most realize but he gets a pass because of cliches about white, unathletic players.

  39. AIPAC really do get value for money.The news will be welcomed all over the Middle Eastand in Afghanistan . At the end of the day who cares about dead American soldiers, other than their families?

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