Family Portrait 2007

Photos taken on Nov 25, 2007







Happy Holidays!

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  1. James Ginsberg says:

    Dear Mike,Sanna and family,
    Your website looks great and Happy Holidays!

  2. parbati says:

    Dear frinds
    I am so glad to see your holiday picturs . keep it update please. Happy new year 2008 and Happy holeday.

  3. You look great!
    Have a great New Year!
    Love Jannicke Gustav & Filip

  4. CD Nando & Laxmi says:

    Loved the family photos!! You all look GREAT!! We miss you all. Have had a rather STRANGE experience recently – involving a Hindu priest, a vision and suddently we received a 1998 Caravan at our doorstep because of “visions” – but I’m sure it’s OK – our priest thought we would have an accident (he had a vision) in the PT Cruiser – have applied for 2 different jobs in Geneva – if not successful in either – we decided to move to Pittsburgh IF we can ever sell this house, but would definitely come visit you before that happens. Love and miss you all!!
    CD, Nando & Laxmi

  5. Rachel Jackson says:

    Hi Sanna,
    Nice to see these pictures. Get well soon and hope to visit you in the spring.
    Bruce and Rachel

  6. Rachel Jackson says:

    Hi Sanna,
    Nice to see these pictures. Get well soon. Hope to see you this spring.
    Bruce and Rachel

  7. Diana Eline says:

    Please contact me. I went to Cicero High School’s 35th reunion and I read about Sanna passing. I was so glad to see everyone, but missing Sanna so, I cried inside. What an amazing person. I can not tell you how much she inspired me. When I went to the 20th reunion we talked about your kids that were just adopted, she had such light in her eyes. I now have 2 kids of my own, Matthew 13 and Mark 7. Please express my condolences to her parents. I would have loved to have been there to comfort her, I didn’t know that she was dealing with illness. Tell Chenga and Dhiki that their mother has a friend out there who truly loved her!

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