memorial ceremony schedule

Syracuse: small, informal memorial ceremony Saturday, Nov 22 at 3pm – CONGREGATION NER TAMID, 5061 West Taft Road, North Syracuse, New York 13212. There will be a reception following the service at Laura An’s house, 6213 Diffin Road, Cicero, NY 13039.

Ithaca: Saturday, Dec 6, at 3-4pm – memorial ceremony at Cornell,
A.D. White House, 27 East Avenue Ithaca, NY 14853. A big Nepali food party at Sanna & Mike’s house will follow afterwards.

Instead of flowers please consider contributing to a charity. Sanna & Mike’s favorite charities are :

– the local food bank,

– the SPCA

Educate the Children fund, Ithaca/Kathmandu, who have put together a
donation page.

Mike wrote a lovely obituary for Sanna.

Ithaca Journal also has a Guest Book page for notes from friends.

And Mike’s online speaker-builder buddies have written several pages of touching condolences as well as donated a good sum of money to ETC.

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  1. CD, Nando & Laxmi says:

    Is there a time/place at Cornell on Dec. 6th? Would Momos be a good thing to bring to house afterwards?

  2. admin says:

    As soon as we have the details, I’ll post them. Momos probably would be perfect to bring. I know that Mike has a lot of people bringing food too.
    I will see you there!

  3. Mike says:

    Momo’s would be great..:o) We only have one double level steamer so bring an extra if you want to do ’em here. The red sauce ( achar? ) is chenga’s favorite

  4. CD, Nando & Laxmi says:

    Momos……we have learned a way to semi-steam them and then….YES – heat them up in a microwave!!! We’re going to TRY, but I won’t cook if I’m still SICK (have bronchitis) I’ve been diagnosed with “P.I.” (primary immune deficiancy) – oh, get this – the SPECIALIST handed me a pamphlet telling me NOT to put MONEY in my mouth (I kid you not!) and to stay away from “sick people”.

  5. CD, Nando & Laxmi says:

    My bronchitis turned into pneumonia with a raging fever of 104.9 and I have been 3 times to ER. Was ordered strict bed red 2 weeks. When I feel better, I am going to write a letter to let you know what all Sanna meant to us. Meanwhile – forgive us for not coming, but they still don’t know what type of upper resperatory illness I have and how contageous it is. We have thought of Sanna in another way
    love and prayers to all the family, CD, Nando & Laxmi

  6. admin says:

    CD –
    We hope you recover quickly! Thanks for your sympathy and prayers.

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