Sanna suddenly collapsed yesterday, Nov 13 Thursday, in the front lawn of her house, and died. She was with her younger daughter, Chenga. Her doctors believe that it was a heart attack. She did have known cardiac problems. The family is mourning. We will be posting dates for memorial services in both Ithaca and Syracuse here soon.

This was unexpected, since Sanna was slowly continuing to improve. She spent her last weekend at a Nepali festival in Ithaca, and she told me that it was a lot of fun. She also had a lovely visit on Monday with friends from childhood.

We all miss Sanna very much and I will share some old photos of her here soon.


Danny writes:

Thank you for all your sympathy and support.

Sanna was my big sister of whom I always looked up to as a role model and for guidance. I still cannot fully come to terms that Sanna has passed away. But, as truth has it, this time she will not be coming back. I wish I could at least share all my cherished memories of Sanna with you. However for now, I’ll limit myself to the night before she died. I was lucky enough to be with her that night. Looking back, I noticed that she was beginning to take initiatives, such as making decisions for herself or her doing things without instruction. Keep in mind that this specific behavior was a big step forward after recovering from this form of tumor and the traumatic brain surgery. Although she told me that she could not sleep well the night before, she seemed alert – more than me. We had a conversation about many things while she was doing housework. My last recollection that night was when I was about to go to sleep, I heard her talking on the phone with our mother.

Looking back that night and considering the progress she was making with regards to beating the meningioma, I had high hopes that I would see her in full or near full health soon. I keep telling myself she must be in a better place.

As Sanna’s baby brother, I am now left with her memories. She is still my role model, and I can still search my memories for guidance and support. When I think of her I think of determination, enduring, and courageous. I hope that you can see her in this way as well. Thank you again.

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  1. CD, Nando & Laxmi says:

    I believe in angels because of Sannah – she is soaring freely with God – and always had been. Our prayers go out to Mike, the girls, Britta & Daniel, and her parents whose grief need to be assuaged. Sannah – you taught us to love and we always thank you for that….and as my friend, I have to tell you I MISS the heck out of you!!

  2. CD, Nando & Laxmi says:

    Britta, Mike, Daniel, Dhiki, Chenga, parents and all: I have dedicated a web-log to Sanna –

  3. Lars Washburn says:

    Kaarin told me this morning of the announcement in todays paper. I will long remember how our 2004 joint visit to Finland/Sweden all played out. After our rendezvous in Reykjavik airport Kaarin took Sannas seat with Mike and the girls, Sanna came up and sat with me. we had made plans to coordinate our travels, but had not had much chance to visit. Sanna told me of her interesting family history and the adventure of adopting their girls.
    It was a real comfort to Kaarin to travel with same-age friends/classmates. Parting after a night Helsinki, the chance to reconnect later in Stockholm was a real treat. I will always remember Sanna’s vibrant, enthusiastic mood when we had this adventure.
    Lars Washburn

  4. Jacquie Wright says:

    Sanna was a wonderful person. We worked together on several projects at Cornell. She was intelligent, thorough, sharp, diligent, and always did the right thing. She will be missed, and I am very sorry for your loss.

  5. MaryAnne and Angel says:

    We are shocked and saddened to hear that Sanna has passed on. She will always live on in our Hearts. Condolences to the family.

    Much love,

    MaryAnne Bukolt & Angela Garenani

  6. Brian Churchill says:

    When I visit N Syracuse and see my folks, I remember the friends I never get to see when I am here. Mom asked me if I knew a Deborah Serog, no…I knew Sanna. How can I feel so sad when I haven’t seen you in years. I’ve missed you without know I missed you. Peace be with you now and forever…..

  7. Cheryl says:

    Sanna, I am so very sorry that you were not able to stay with all of us in this world. I will always cherish your friendship from the heart when we were just kids and you moved onto Burnett Rd. I haven’t seen Sanna much in the past few years, but will miss her very much and I send my condolences to Mike, Chenga and Dhiki. It was always wonderful to see the girls growing into such beautiful young women. Thank you Mike, Britta, Dan and both Drs. Serog for keeping us in touch with Sanna.

  8. Jannicke Lindqvist says:

    Dear Mike, Chenga and Dhiki and the family.

    I am chocked. I really thought Sanna was getting ok. I have been thinking of her almost every day since the operation. Sanna was my closest and nearest friend – the best friend. Even if the distans was far – we weren´t ever far apart.
    I have know Sanna since I was 16 year old. I have known her for 26 years. I can´t believe all this time has passed. I really don´t want to loose the contact with Sannas husband and daughters.
    Mike, could you please send me Chengas and Dhikis mail adresses, so I can keep contact with the girls. I´m sure Sanna would love and want that. Sanna is the greatest person I have ever known. It hurts to know I will never see her again. She was so deer to me. She was my family!
    My thoughts are with you and the girls.
    My warmest love

  9. Michele Bailey says:

    Dear Dhiki, Chenga and Mike:

    I was shocked to see Sanna’s obituary in the paper. We are so sorry for your loss.

    Michele, Elissa and Emily Bailey

  10. Lisa Palese Diamond says:

    Dear Mike, Chenga and Dhiki and the family,
    I graduated from High School with Sanna. My mother just called and told me she had read her obituary. I am so sorry to hear about Sanna’s illness. She was such a good friend in high school. I have often wondered about her. I am saddened to hear of all she had gone through. I am sure she is looking down from above. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    Lisa Palese Diamond

  11. Michael Paiz says:

    Dear Mike and family,
    I am so sorry for your loss of one of the most beautiful and memorable people to set foot on this earth.

    High School ….WOW…. so long ago with so many forgotten friends, but Sanna was one of the friends I often thought of over these many years and miss so much. Now, I will miss her even more.

    GOD Bless

  12. Swastika Shrestha says:

    Dear Mike, Dhikki and Chenga,

    I still remember one of our Nepali picnics where Sanna was sitting at one side and watching Dikki and Chenga cuddle and laugh with their dad. She looked so happy, content and at peace to see her family so closely knit in love.
    My prayers are with you all.

  13. Kathy Newell says:

    Dear Mike, Dhikki, Chenga, Britta, Dan, Mom and Dad

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We are still working through our loss of Gail in May. Two lovely brillant women taken from us early. My prayers are with you all. If I can do anything please let me know.

    Kathy Newell Bishop

  14. Monica Barrett says:

    Dear Mike, Dhiki and Chenga,
    I am deeply saddened by Sanna’s passing and I send you my love and sympathy. Without a doubt, Sanna was the sweetest person I have known. I will treasure the four years I lived in Ithaca not only because it is such a beautiful place, but because Sanna was one of my closest friends. She was the first friend I made in Ithaca, and, as all her friends know, she was a wonderful, loving and generous friend. She had an incredible sense of style, and I remember running into her on the Ithaca Commons when she was wearing this gorgeous Russian fur hat. Only Sanna could pull it off! She was beautiful in every way. I feel at a loss for words. My heart goes out to you all, and to Britta, Daniel and Sanna’s parents. Love, Monica

  15. Dear Serog/Drury Family,
    Please know that I am so sorry for your great loss and you will sincerely be in my prayers.
    Heather (Dolbear) Fischer

  16. Dr. Stan Harris says:

    I did not know Sanna but knew her Dad Bill. We both worked in the Kibbutz Saar in Israel treating Dental Patients for years. While I new of her and the other siblings I did not know of the severity of the illness she has had. I found out a few days ago from our friends the Sharoni’s that Sanna had died. Now I see she was a very unique and special person. We say, “Hamakom Yenachem etchem B’tok shaar availe zion v’yerushalayim”.

    Stan Harris D.D.S. Atlanta, GA

  17. Theresa Dalessandro says:

    Dear Mike, Dhiki, Chenga and the Serog family:

    When Phil told me, I was shocked to hear of Sannas passing. She was a very beautiful person. I know she is in a better place for her now. I know she would prefer that she be with all of you, but God has his own agenda and it would seem that he wanted her now and not later. Mike keep your girls as close to your heart as you can. I am so sorry for such a huge loss to your whole family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Theresa Dalessandro/Mississippi

  18. Linda (Slate) Barbuto says:

    I admire all of the family and friends who could share their stories with us on the microphone at Sanna’s ceremonies. Unfortunately, I did not have the strength to do the same. I would like to take this opportunity to share mine.

    Sanna and I met at Syracuse University MBA Program in 1986. We quickly became friends and she invited me to her mother’s home to study together. She gave me the directions and mentioned that at the end of the driveway the mailbox has “Serog” written on it. I said, “Oh, our dentist’s last name is also Serog.” She replied, “That’s my father!”

    It was such a coincidence; Dr. Serog has been taking great care of all seven members of my family since we moved here when I was a child. I knew nothing about his wonderful family.

    Of course, I did not like to go to see Dr. Serog (I had cavities), but there was one reward for us when we went. Upon leaving, all five of us children would receive a dinosaur mold. These were “neat” molds with dinosaurs on them that we could paint. I later mentioned this to Sanna and she informed me that she made these molds for the children.

    Sanna has not only touched my life so preciously as my friend, but before I even knew her, she made my trip, my sister’s and brother’s trip (and likely many other children’s as well) to her father, Dr. Serog more pleasant than it would have been.

    I know that her extraordinary thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity have affected many people in the world, most who will never have the opportunity to meet her. She was a very modest person and did all these kind deeds from her heart.

    Every time a thought of Sanna comes to mind, I feel great loss and cry; I feel so much pain when I think of her. I know many people who have lost loved ones and are able to talk about their memories with a smile. It seems impossible to me, but I hope that someday, we can all do this. I think this is how Sanna would like it.

    Best Wishes to all of Sanna’s family and friends.
    Linda (Slate) Barbuto

  19. Randy Kauftheil says:

    Drs. Serog, Britta, Dan, Mike, Dhiki, and Chenga,
    I am immensely saddened at the news of Sanna’s passing, of which I only recently learned. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you cope with the loss of your daughter, sister, wife, and mother.
    I wanted to share some thoughts about Sanna that I would have shared with you at her memorial services.
    When I received the news of Sanna’s passing from Dave Goldsman, my heart broke, my stomach churned, and I cried. Thanks to Dave, with whom I have been friends since our time at Syracuse in the ‘70s, I met Sanna and the Serog family. I am truly thankful for knowing the Serogs.
    When I first met Sanna, I was struck by her obvious external beauty. Around 1981, I started to get to know Sanna better and was even more struck by her inner beauty. We grew close and for the next 5 years she was my life partner, my best friend, and even my business advisor. Since then, I have thought of Sanna every day for the past 22 or so years. Thinking of Sanna always makes me smile. Some of my memories of Sanna include:
    – Joy of life – after her first successful battle with cancer she knew that her future was uncertain, but she was determined to enjoy life to the fullest and not let anything dissuade her.
    – Sense of adventure – Sanna loved to travel and see the world. Also, she was one of the few people I knew, in addition to me, that enjoyed going to Syracuse any time of the year.
    – Selflessness – She freely gave of herself to friends and family. Sanna made friends everywhere she went. She was always thoughtful and generous with her time and talents for the benefit of those around her. She would combine her thoughtfulness with her love of travel to maintain a more personal connection to her friends and family.
    – Boo – I was with Sanna when she researched Rottweilers and selected Boo as her dog. Boo happened to be the runt of the litter. We named him formally Grizzly Boo Bear. Boo was the “child” we literally raised and trained from a puppy. He was a source of joy and comfort, and some consternation (think damaged property). I especially loved Boo for how I knew he would protect Sanna when I was away.
    – Sewing – Sanna loved to make her own clothes and other items. Before I knew Sanna, I did not know one can sew slip covers for a car out of vinyl (for Boo). To this day, I think of Sanna every time I see a fabric store or a bolt of material.
    – Music – Sanna loved making music, listening or dancing to it. I think of Sanna every time I hear the Steve Miller band (especially a certain song) or Earth, Wind, and Fire.
    – Food and Cooking – Sanna had eclectic taste in food and loved to cook new things. Through her, I experienced the joy of Swedish pancakes.
    For these memories and many, many others, I am thankful for Sanna having been part of my life. I know I am a better person for it. The world has lost the light that Sanna herself brought, but her light is magnified by all of us whose lives she has touched. As I am reminded of her spirit, I am more focused and more dedicated to loving those dear to me (near and far). I look forward to more reminders of Sanna for the remainder of my days. I miss her.
    With love,
    Randy Kauftheil

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