house repair

Mike sent me some photos of the house repair – a student house in Syracuse. This house was the house that we lived in when we were attending the university. Now Mike officially owns it and in the fall, Dhiki and several other students will live there. Here’s one of Sanna looking through some old papers in the living room.

Mike is taking apart the kitchen. He hasn’t found much worth saving there, apparently. Maybe the ceiling is still ok.

Here’s the back of the house:

And here’s the dumpster that they filled! I can’t believe all the stuff they found. This house has been rented to students for years and years and people have left so much stuff behind.

Mike writes to me:
The kitchen wall behind the stair landing will be opened up to 4ft – NOW we will know where the original doorway was…and maybe a small change in layout??

It will get done one way or another. The tub is flying thru the former window around 5pm – maybe a video will happen. The water is off and I will be teaching someone how to solder copper pipe – so he can do things while I’m not there. A strategic re-routing of basic water and some electrical (there are some old post-wire stuff IN USE under the 2nd floor!) will make things easier. Since there is no insulation (another future issue) anything can go inside the walls.

Still in the process of exposing old wiring / plumbing / structural / etc in the basement ceiling. It’s important to me so I can replace / run new wiring as needed. The electrical is old but it’s serviceable. There has to be 1000 nails, hangers, catches from the many years of “add-on” that will rip your arm reaching in so it will get stripped.

There is enough iron in the old conduit to float a battleship….gotta go.

Lots of work. I hope they can get it done in time. School starts awfully soon.


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  1. CD Nando & Laxmi says:

    Wow!!! What an undertaking! And how amazing that you were able to buy the same house you lived in as students!! I do not envy you – when we first bought this house we spent the first 4 months using the toilet and sink at Wegmans because there was not a single working toilet or sink in the house – what a PAIN renovating can be. Good luck!!! It’s starting to look very pretty. Love, CD, Nando & Laxmi (who is away at Hindu Camp in Rush, NY for a week)

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