Helene’s Visit

Britta writing:

Sanna tells me that Helene and daughter, Leah, visited her on July 1st. Dad brought them from Syracuse, where they were visiting their family. She said they went to Triphammer Mall to the deli for lunch, and that she ate an egg salad sandwich on a crossaint. Sanna said it was good, but she only ate half. She said it was good to see Helene and Leah again.

And, Dad sent me photos.

Also, Sanna tells me that she and family had a “small party” at their house tonight, with some friends from Nepal. She sounded happy and maybe a little tired on the phone. She says she is over the mild cold they all had recently, but Mike is still coughing a bit. I asked her to take care of him and she said she would.


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One Response to Helene’s Visit

  1. Helene says:

    We had a nice trip to Ithaca with Dr. Serog. The weather was perfect, not too hot. Sanna did great with walking, ordering at the Deli, browsing at a knitting store at the mall, and helping us out with directions when we got a little lost on the way back to her house.

    It looks like Sanna and I have to be more careful about having our picture taking with our mouths full of food.

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