Ithaca Dec 6 memorial & reception photos


Dhiki and Britta

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  6. That’s what I thought too…the bags/frame rail may have reduced the contact patch just enough so when the throttle was applied, there was just enough tire for the low end torque to slide it out completely

  7. I have a question about the amazon links, I recently purchased a 305 and clicked on the amazon link in your site but didn’t like the amazon marketplace seller because I have amazon prime and wanted to use that for the shipping. Do you still get proceeds even though I didn’t use the marketplace seller you had a link to? Or does it just matter that I used the link on your site?Thanks! And excellent post, even though I don’t have a 310XT it’s fun to read about all the advances (and hangups) garmin is making, it’s fun to watch a technology be advanced!

  8. Ik denk dat ze eerst probeert Anton meer bij haar te betrekken want zij is ja zo een schat die geen ruzie wilt en alles gewoon wilt oplossen. Maar ik denk ook dat als het nog even langer doorgaat ze explodeert. xd

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  10. Oh j’ai trop envie d’aller a Londres moi aussi . Quand aux faux cils j’ai encore jamais passer le cap, même en soirée j’ai peur de les perdre et de me retrouver ridicule :O

  11. Not just in London – my view is that those in the sell side of finance behave in many ways like a gas which expands to fill its available space. In their case their spending expands to fill their income and this profligacy is not limited to individuals. Post 87 crash a very prominent broker at the time was looking for a buyer but all baulk at the prospects when it was found out that they were spending 30k a week simply to turn the lights on in their office.

  12. Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Feed is not functioning today. I tried including it to my Bing reader account but got absolutely nothing.

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  14. It was one awesome day! Watching children ask for autographs and pictures was amazing. You realize how real it feels to them and how real it felt to all of us. I hope you can get the entire video! It really is something to share with family and friends and your children will cherish it. To them, dad is a star!Call Disney today!

  15. Mit Linux klappt dieses ganze Serverzeug so schön schmerzfrei, während ich auf dem Apfel keine Ahnung habe, wie und ob man den mitgelieferten Apachen gefahrlos aktualisieren kann. Wenn man sich eh schon mit Fink/MacPorts/MAMP o. Ä. beschäftigen muß, kann man IMHO auch genauso gut eine Ubuntu-Serverinstallation machen. Dann ist wenigstens immer alles up to date und man kann es komplett einfrieren oder auf einen anderen Rechner verfrachten.

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  17. es verdad solo le costaba poner una persona mas, espero que la disfrutes:)@Bea yo tambien tengo el pinsajo y la bolsa jajajaja espero qe vallas muy bien vestida

  18. Godmorgen, Lone, sikke en fin idé idé at I i Ever-klubben går ud og spiser en gang om måneden.Jeg må prøve dit trick med kværnede mandler i pandekagedejen, det lyder vel nok lækkert! Og så kan jeg forstå, at jeg skal øve mig lidt mere i at holde gang i brændeovnen, så ilden ikke går ud om natten.Dit billede af en skønne rådhusvin minder mig om mine mange år med daglig gang på Frederiksberg :-)Rigtig god søndag til dig!

  19. Yes. This is me. Every night. Except last night as this was going on I actually wrote a blog post in my head about it. Off topic question: Can we link up old funny posts?

  20. r.m. · lunedì, 17 dicembre 2012, 8:56 amun saluto a marco pannella, tra i pochi “notabili” (NOTABILE in senso etimologico) meritevoli di essere ricordato, altro che dei tanti politicanti da strapazzo!

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