Ithaca Dec 6 memorial & reception photos


Reception at Mike & Sanna’s house

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  1. Nurse Donna wants to know about mark on Hopes chest. Scratch ? or leftover pudding from lunch ? And I love her dress code, same as my grandkids every summer day when they are on our farm.

  2. Leggendo lo scambio di battute una sola cosa mi è venuta in mente…"e mò come me ne esco!".Poi è arrivato Homer nel mio cervello che ha iniziato a correre in mutande urlando "uhuu fai il decerebrato ne esci sempre salvo!!!"…"D'oh! non dovevo dirvelo"….huuhhuhuhu scappoooooooo 😛 ahahaaahahahah

  3. Overigens stelt van Albert Hofman (pp 93) dat de vroegste restanten van de cannabisplant niet in Afrika, maar in China gevonden werden en dateren van 4000 vc.De vroegste restanten van de plant die je nog enigzins in de buurt van de Dogon kan vinden is het oude Egypte (2000 vc), maar dat is nogal dun bewijs: een afbeelding in ene graf die enigzins doet denken aan een wietplant. En in Turkije, maar dan heb je het over de 8e eeuw vc.

  4. I will need to give this a go. I have never tried Japanese food despite visiting Tokyo a number of years ago. However this is because I am vegetarian and I couldn’t find anything that was Japanese and didn’t have meat or fish in it.

  5. To wreszcie naucz siÄ™ te nie-zera geometryczne odróżniać od zera arytmetycznego i poprawnie je oznaczaj… Ok ? Przecież ja umiem poprawnie oznaczać tg90°=1/0 i wiem, że 1/0=∞=NTy natomiast nie umiesz liczyć sum szeregów skoÅ„czonych nazywanych szeregami nieskoÅ„czonymi rozbieżnymi, o iloÅ›ci wyrazów W = wszystkie.Wiesz dlaczego nie umiesz?Bo dla Ciebie 1/Alef0 i 1/continuum sÄ… nierozróżnialne równe ZERO.

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!! October’s a busy birthday month for you!More VLOGs, but only if you show your face! Have a great weekend!

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  8. may16north Para clases de guitarra habla con Elsweyr o Nazgon, que son muuuuucho mejores que yo. Además, yo aprendí de manera autodidacta, lo que significa que aprendí mal un montón de técnicas, lo que me hace un pésimo profesor xDVN:F [1.9.11_1134](from 0 votes)

  9. Kompliment für deine Deko (und sogar dein Blog wurde weihnachtlich gestaltet). Ich bin begeistert!!!Mal gucken, wann ich denn meinen Göttergatten dazu bringen kann, die große Kiste mit der Weihnachtsdeko aus dem Keller hoch zu schleppen. Sonst hab ich das immer selbst gemacht – dieses Jahr ist das ja für mich tabu.Naja, zumindest haben wir schon nen Adventskalender und nen Kerzenbrett (das Tannengrün dafür muss ich allerdings noch besorgen).

  10. As a former staff at Geisinger, Walker's home turf, I found that the admin was aggressive at retaliation to protect its investment and reputation in HIT. They went after people without abandon for supposed HIPAA violations if they crossed the admin. Walker, to where did you report adverse events caused by HIT?

  11. …"Black men commit violent crimes at a far greater rate than white men do…."That's a pile of racist $hit."That you deny such an obvious truth that, for whatever reason, black men commit violent crimes at at astronomical rates compared to other groups, completely invalidates any conclusion you might offer on the subject.Talk about an alternate reality….

  12. I agree with you “Puss in boots”. It is actually bothering me to see how much is face is getting damaged from how hard he is digging in his nails into his skin. His face is all scabbed up from all the picking. I couldn’t see anything on this video either.

  13. Je suis d accord on se fait avoir avec la cle G2 …. j ai recharge cette cle le 20/10/2012…. je n osais pas l utiliser….et pour 2 heures d utilisation…..vide a recharger !!! Quelle bande d escrocs. De plus le numero de telephone indique sur la cle n est pas le mien….et SFR ne veut rien savoir !!!! Quels escrocs !!!

  14. I love it! The darting was cool although you coulda just make it square with your fingers pushing out from the inside in a square but the darting gives it a unique design moer of a shark edge so 4 sharp edges and 6 roungd edges the contrast is very nice!

  15. Lucas, boa tarde, tenho interesse em disponibilizar produtos da victoria secrets em meu estabelecimento em SP/Capital. Gostaria de saber quais são suas opção dessa marca e preços para atacado.

  16. There certain characteristics about most Republicans politicians, they are liars, selfish, evil, and always looking for what is best for them and their families even if it means running all over innocent people and good citizens. The characteristics of the people that follow them are dumb, have no factual argument and most are people that do not do well because they are always blaming others for their failures.By the way I am not a Democrat, I am an independent who voted for the first Bush.Thank you

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  18. page’s url and write the funny words…in the anti-spam box, and it will tell you the rank. it even shows you a little green bar that visually represents the pagerank just in case you can’t interpret a give you a basic idea, anything under pagerank 4…

  19.     A l’époque quand il n’y avait que la TV, comme source de divertissement, ce sont les albums de jeunesse qui ont amusés les enfants en tant que seul moyen de s’évader de la réalité et nourrir son imagination…

  20. I like that design over the wing shield. Seems like the wing shield puts all the stress on the pins while yours distributes it. Ever think of selling that one as a kit?-d

  21. alessandro75 La bonne nouvelle, c’est Gourcuff ! Putain, ça fait du bien de revoir un vrai joueur de foot à Lyon. On attend Grenier. Et si Bastos était moins intermittent du spectacle, on aurait un super milieu de terrain.

  22. This is ridiculous! Enough is enough! This guy always sees what he wants to see! It’s totally gone to his head at this point! Deer are going to breed around the same time EVERY YEAR! My gosh, keep the moon out of it!

  23. Kita dianugerah akal untuk berpikir, namun keterbatasan jualah yang mengharuskan kita tunduk pada Sunatullah. Terimakasih telah sudi hadir di sini. Salam sahabat sejati!

  24. Excellent news! Thanks for the update. I look forward to being able to get them all on kindle once the rights are sorted and the editors/covers done.(And yes, the fan-boy in me just gasped when I saw this comment in moderation.)

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  27. génios não, está muito calor para tal, basta-nos o fantasminha justiceiro, verdadeiro e autentico, objectivamente esta candidata ao parlamento europeu vem confirmar a importancia da representatividade das regiões incluindo o Piemonte e o Veneto.

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  29. Complimenti per come scrivi, mi hai fatto sorridere e passare un bel quarto d’ora.Ho capito che anche a te piace la natura, gli animali e il giardino, anche se il tuo attuale mondo è il web.Se hai voglia e tempo, dà un occhio al mio blog, che forse non è così ben scritto, ma sicuramente ci metto il cuore. Ciao

  30. — since I posted this I have twice heard from others about the importance of relationship with our prospects, and that its much more like courting them than selling them.

  31. Actually, I believe you were more correct the first time than you think. In “their” head they may have killed you as they kicked you in the head.

  32. Thanks so much for posting about Thaliad, James! It was a major collaborative and artistic effort, and we're delighted that all the elements worked together to make a book you enjoyed visually as well as intellectually. That's how it's supposed to be! Thank you.

  33. Your pumpkins look great, Becky! I'm eagerly awaiting getting my Fall things out {including the pumpkins I've purchased from you!}. It's just too soon yet for me, but, believe me, I am counting the days until cooler weather arrives!

  34. Greg W | We have a robust economy? I guess those hundreds of thousands of people who have simply given up looking for a job (the real unemployment rate is over 10% FYI), and the hundreds of thousands of others who have been forced to take part-time or lower paying jobs so they can feed their families must be wrong. But you have your housing starts number to hang your hat on. Oh, and GM. Nice job.

  35. Charisma has a lot to do with mastery of the English language. Folks who have not mastered English react positively to those speakers who have being conscious of the reasons for their warm feelings.That explains some of the charisma of Ronald Reagan, who never made a grammatical error in his speeches, and of George Will and Martin Luther King Jr, FDR and Winston Churchill.Bill Clinton, with his "from Hillary and I" and Obama with his "everybody … they" fall short.

  36. i love the outfit ESPECIALLY the tights with socks. lol. that seems really silly to chew you out for something someone doesn't like what you're wearing on YOUR blog……….oh people can be sooooo silly sometimes.I LOVE YOUR outfits =]

  37. Eu mai ascult la radio casetofonul din masina. Asa a venit masina si nu m-am deranjat sa-l schimb cu ceva aftermarket pentru a nu strica bordul. Nu am gasit nimic care sa mi se potriveasca ok in bord si pentru un upgrade original Audi cu CD trebuie sa scot din buzunar cam multi banuti pentru gustul meu. Asa ca, la drumuri lungi am casete vechi cu Bee Gees, Ricchi e Poveri, Al bano % Romina, Ploiestenu si multi ca ei care au melodii super misto dar pierdute in comercialul de astazi.

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  39. jag tycker det är duktigt att kombinera lydnad och vallning..Är väl lite olikt som sagt!!Bara man hittar sitt egna sätt och det passar än själv..Fin sida förresten;))KRAM

  40. Needs an option to switch back to normal aspect ratio. I already had small black bars at the side of my videos and now they're ridiculously huge. The video itself takes up hardly any space.

  41. i wonder why we never heard about kath bringing dinner to a new mother, since she joined a mother’s group like 26 minutes after she got loafed. oh right, she never does anything for herself. they’re better off anyways, since all they’d get would be leftover scuffin corners and broken cookies.

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