Syracuse memorial reception photos


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  1. Pas grand chose a faire pour cacher tout ce merdier.Les zombies s'en foutent royalement.Et puis avec la hausse des prix, ils auront d'autres chat a fouetter.Le pouvoir d'achat avant tout…ND

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  3. IronJunkie – get some Converse Allstars. Unless you are a powerlifter they will be more than strong enough with a flat sole which is strong and well made.

  4. isn’t it illegal to call yourself the Patent Office (s.112 UKPA)? presume this is still the case even though the Patent Office are choosing not to call themselves it these days…

  5. “I honestly think he was just focusing on his professional career first knowing all along that he’d be able to get into the setup when games mattered.”Do you believe in the Easter Bunny, THomas? Just asking.

  6. – i agree. being 15 or any teen is brutal and i wouldn’t want to be in his position. and just to clarify – i didn’t and wasn’t asking him to choose because that would be unfair. i instead wondered and asked why i wasn’t even thought of as an alternate home. that is what i still am curious about. if i’m not thought of as a ‘real’ parent, then of course he wouldn’t have considered it even for a moment. and it’s extremely hard to think of me as a ‘real’ parent, since our living arrangements have been the way they’ve been for so long.

  7. …Lu Xun wrote a good quick overview od Chinese literature years ago, and they have a genre of romantic novels, which he in his totally blunt Chinese way called “novels about prostitutes”.The “pornography” literally means “writings of prostitutes”.

  8. Jair / É muito frio parece que se estar nima freezerçç estive em La Plata na Argentina 8rasil x Venezuela esta -4 com sensaçao de -7 que horror dava vontada de sair correndo mas para onde. Vive o clima de Recife. JairGostei deste comentário ou não: 1

  9. Meillä päin on itse asiassa ihan tavallista, että käy kuten sinusta olisi "hauska nähdä". Ja homma etenee aivan kuten ensimmäisessäkin. Tyylejä on monia, ihmisiähän tehtävään on pyydetty.Ja fiilis on se, että pohjoisessa puheenjohtajan pitää lämmittää porukkaa aika tavalla, ennenkuin puheenvuoroja tulee, etelässä vähemmän. Karkea yleistys tietysti tämäkin.

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